Why you should pole dance with us….

  1. It makes you feel sexy
  2. Bouncing your booty is acceptable
  3. It improves your sex life
  4. It helps you loose weight
  5. Great reason to appreciate your thighs
  6. You will strengthen your core muscles
  7. A great season to buy sexy shoes
  8. You can take classes by your self or with strangers
  9. Once you learn how to give a lap dance you will never forget
  10. You will eventually feel more comfortable half naked than fully clothed
  11. You can integrate your favorite styles of dance to create you pole style
  12. You will learn how to do amazingly dangerous yet sexy stunts
  13. Amaze your partner with a lap dance to die for
  14. You learn how to fly without a plane
  15. Its the only exercise you are suppose to let your hair down

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