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Part 2

20 Sep


It is time to get out of the house and get a little wild! This Saturday we are hosting the second edition of Ladies Night Out!!  Put your dancing shoes on, touch up your make up and grab your camera because you are going to want to capture this memorable night out with your girlfriends!

Three Olives Vodka Cocktails

Pole Lesson

Lap N Chair Lesson

Party Favors


Discounts on Merchandise

Discounts on Future Classes

Buy 1 regular priced ticket at $10 and get the second ticket for only $5!

To purchase tickets email tipsortaps@gmail.com or call 6782245699


Top 10 Easy Ways to Get in Shape Before Summer is Over

19 Jul

1.    Make a goal. People attain greater success when they have a specific goal to reach for. Whether a target weight, a specific exercise plan, or different eating habits, make a goal and go for it!
2.    Activate your lifestyle. Take the stairs instead of the elevator and do activities you would normally pay someone to do (like washing your car or mowing the lawn). You’ll save money and get in shape!
3.    Stimulate your metabolism. The higher your metabolism is, the more fat you burn. In order to raise your metabolism, try working out in the mornings!
4.    Alternate exercising activities during the week. To lose fat and get trim more effectively it is important to change it up! Tips or Taps provides a fun alternate form of exercise with their pole dancing classes!
5.    Plan your work out times ahead of time and stick with them! Tips and Taps offers classes at specific times every week ☺
6.    Get a work out buddy. They will help motivate you and keep you on track! Bring your friend to your pole dancing class… the more the merrier!
7.    Grocery shop with a shopping list. This way you don’t overindulge and buy things you don’t need (like those chocolate doughnuts). Also, never grocery shop when you’re already hungry!
8.    Don’t skip meals. The more meals you skip, the hungrier you’ll be, causing you to overindulge later.
9.    Include more salads in your meals. Salads are quick and easy to make and provide you with your fruits and veggies. Get creative!
10.    Cooking in instead of eating out. This way you can prepare healthier meals and save money! Make it a date, and cook a romantic meal with your other half!

Don’t miss Tips or Taps Girls Night Out on July 31, 2010. Visit our facebook page to get more information: www.facebook.com/tipsortapsatl

Work that pole and get the most our of your workout!

14 Jun

Pole dancing has become the newest and most exciting form of exercise for women looking to tone their muscles and get fit. Just like any other workout, pole dancing requires ample time for warm ups and training, starting with basic positions before you move on to the more advanced skills. It is important to work your way to these advanced moves slowly, so you don’t injure your back or shoulders. It is very common for women to overexert themselves because they don’t realize just how much of a workout pole dancing is.
If you are looking to tone your arms, shoulders, and back, spinning and climbing are the best moves to practice. They take a lot of upper body strength and will help you tone up those areas in a flash. Specifically, the lats (large muscles along the sides of your back), shoulders, biceps and forearm muscles are used in these exercises.

The core muscles are important when doing moves that require you to be upside down (inverted) or reversing the inversion, which is basically like doing a crunch. Gravity works against you in this situation, and it requires a strong core for your body to resist that force.

Hands free moves and climbing help with leg strength. Even moves that do not leave the ground can help tone your lower body because they will be done in a slow, controlled movement that works this group of muscles.

Pole dancing is a fun, flirty, and overall great way to work on your total body fitness. Tips or Taps has plenty of classes and knowledgeable instructors to help you achieve your fitness goals. Come visit us and check it out for yourself!

Shannon Twomey, Lilly White Events

Does your fitness plan go round and round

7 Jun

Forget the old stigma- pole dancing has recently transformed into something realistic for the everyday woman, making it possible to achieve a healthy, fit lifestyle. In addition to a fun, upbeat workout, the health benefits of this exercise are worth taking a look at. So what are the benefits to trying this workout?
-Sexy, toned arms
-A sculpted and strong core
-Defined thighs and butt
-Strong shoulders
Pole dancing can even offer benefits surpassing your physical appearance. Along with a strong body and muscle definition, it can help build your self-confidence, help you achieve a better body image and improve the way you think and feel about yourself.  It improves your posture, which can help reduce strain on your back and reduce your risk of a back injury. It also helps you work on your flexibility, which can benefit you in many different ways!
In general, any form of exercise will benefit your mind and body, but pole dancing takes it a step further to help you feel beautiful, confident, and sexy even as you’re working out.  Furthermore, it eliminates costly gym memberships and workout equipment, so it offers a money-smart alternative to the old way of getting in shape.
Tips or Taps offers fun, sexy pole dancing classes that meet once a week for an hour and a half. Our classes guarantee you will develop a strong, sexy body and improve your health and body image. Visit http://www.tipsortaps .com for more information.

– Shannon Twomey, Lilly White Events