Whittle your wedding

30 Aug

Did you just get engaged? Are you closing in on your wedding date? Have you reached your fitness goal? Do you want to tighten your body before your next dress fitting? Are you a bridesmaid that wants to look your best for your friends wedding?

The answer to all of these questions is fitness dancing with Tips or Taps! We are the fastest and most fun way to get your body in tip top shape for your most important day! The fad diets and exercise gimmicks will not last through your honeymoon! Get fit doing what you love and stay fit for the one you love!

We have developed classes that will fit every interest and help you sculpt your body into perfection! For example Whittle Your Middle Classes are great for tightening and toning your abs for your honeymoon bikini, Horizontal Hustle will give you a great leg work out as you perfect your hip hop dance moves and Bi Polar will give you an all over cardio and resistance work out for loosing those extra pounds!

Stop looking for a weight loss and toning quick fix and start having fun at Tips or Taps!


Sexy Salsa Saturday: August 28

23 Aug

Have you dreamed of a romantic escape with a Latin lover? I think we all have had that fantasy a time or two. The fantasy is not complete without the sexy salsa dance moves.  We are excited to host the first Sexy Salsa Saturday on August 28! Grab your ladies for a wild night of learning sexy Latin dance moves, sipping cocktails, goodies, giveaways, and discounts on merchandise and classes!!

There are a few tickets remaining! Email tipsortaps@gmail.com or call 6782245699

Visit our Fan Page on Facebook to view pictures from our last ladies night out: www.facebook.com/tipsortapsatl

Weekly Class Schedule

16 Aug

You have been asking for our online schedule! Here you go!! We can’t wait to see you!

Always make sure give us a call before you come for a class. The schedule is subject to change.


Noon-6:00pm: Practice on the Pole (POP) and retail therapy (we are open for walk in retail sales)

7:00pm- 8:30pm: Elementary Pole School

8:30pm-9:45pm: Bi Polar (cardio & resistance)


10:30am-Noon: Elementary Pole School

Noon-6:00pm: POP & Retail Hours

7:00pm-8:30pm: Elementary Pole School

8:30pm-10:00pm: Horizontal Hustle (Hip Hop Dance)


10:30pm-11:45pm: Bi Polar

Noon-6:00pm: POP & Retail Hours

7:00pm-8:30pm: Lap N Chair (Lap, Chair & Floor Work)

8:30pm-10:00pm: Elementary Pole School (2nd level)


10:30am-Noon: Elementary Pole School

Noon-6:00pm: POP & Retail Hours

7:00pm-8:30pm: Elementary Pole School

8:30pm-10:00pm: Lap N Chair (Lap, Chair & Floor)


Noon-6:00pm: POP & Retail Hours

7:00pm-8:00pm: Belly Dancy Trance

8:30pm-10:00pm: Elementary Pole


Noon-1:30: Elementary Pole School

1:30pm-3:00pm: POP

SUNDAY: The day of Rest- See you MONDAY!!

An Inside Look….

9 Aug

We would like to thank all of our loyal dance divas for being amazing clients and continuing to dance with us.

For all of you that keep saying you want to come check us out we wanted to give you inside look at our sexy studio! We welcome new clients all the time. Don’t be scared if you think you can’t dance. We are all about having fun and are great at teaching you the basics!

We want to take you on a tour of our studio….


Come inside…..

Shop a little before class….

Sexy bathing suits for the amazing body you are going to have after our dance work outs….

Don’t forget a sexy pair stilettos to add a little spice to your pole dancing…

Take your pole and get ready for an amazing work out…..

Don’t forget your lingerie for a fun weekend…..

So now that you have seen the studio you have to come take a class with us….

Call us today to learn more: 678-224-5699 or email us at tipsortaps@gmail.com

We have Sexy Salsa Saturday’s coming up on Saturday August 28! Don’t miss your chance to learn a few latin moves!

Visit our sister store Livi Rae Lingerie at 440 Ernest Barrett Pkwy (on the front side of our shopping center next to David’s Bridal).  Livi Rae has a great staff that will help you feel confident, comfortable and beautiful in a custom fit bra! You can also pick up fall fashions, lingerie, bathing suits and a few other goodies! Take a look inside the store by visiting our blog: www.livirae.com

Lets get the party started!

2 Aug

Thank you to all the ladies that came to Girls Night Out!

Check out the photos below!!

Did you love Girls Night Out? Didn’t get a ticket for Girls Night Out before it sold out? In desperate need of a wild night out with your ladies to blow off stress?

Make sure to get your tickets for Sexy Salsa Saturday!

Email: tipsortaps@gmail.com or call 678.224.5699 to get your tickets before they sell out!!!

Get Out and Dance!

26 Jul

Tips or Taps is excited to announce a series of special events!!

Each month we will be hosting a new special event! Get in touch with your inner diva and learn sexy dance moves. Most of our attendees have always wanted to try pole dancing or learn an exotic dance but were a little nervous to jump into a class! We are creating special events so you can have a few cocktails and get your feet wet! Special events are the perfect way to get comfortable and ease into our classes plus the cocktails, snacks, swag bags and awesome giveaways don’t hurt!

Check out this months special event:

Ladies will enjoy wine, snacks, 1 hour of pole dancing, 1 hour chair dancing, giveaways, discounts on classes and discounts on all merchandise!!

For more information on this event series email: tipsortaps@gmail.com

Get in touch with your inner sexy

More information coming soon…..

Do you want to have your own private dance party with your girlfriends?

Book a party for as low ast $200!!

Next week we will feature all of our special event options!

Top 10 Easy Ways to Get in Shape Before Summer is Over

19 Jul

1.    Make a goal. People attain greater success when they have a specific goal to reach for. Whether a target weight, a specific exercise plan, or different eating habits, make a goal and go for it!
2.    Activate your lifestyle. Take the stairs instead of the elevator and do activities you would normally pay someone to do (like washing your car or mowing the lawn). You’ll save money and get in shape!
3.    Stimulate your metabolism. The higher your metabolism is, the more fat you burn. In order to raise your metabolism, try working out in the mornings!
4.    Alternate exercising activities during the week. To lose fat and get trim more effectively it is important to change it up! Tips or Taps provides a fun alternate form of exercise with their pole dancing classes!
5.    Plan your work out times ahead of time and stick with them! Tips and Taps offers classes at specific times every week ☺
6.    Get a work out buddy. They will help motivate you and keep you on track! Bring your friend to your pole dancing class… the more the merrier!
7.    Grocery shop with a shopping list. This way you don’t overindulge and buy things you don’t need (like those chocolate doughnuts). Also, never grocery shop when you’re already hungry!
8.    Don’t skip meals. The more meals you skip, the hungrier you’ll be, causing you to overindulge later.
9.    Include more salads in your meals. Salads are quick and easy to make and provide you with your fruits and veggies. Get creative!
10.    Cooking in instead of eating out. This way you can prepare healthier meals and save money! Make it a date, and cook a romantic meal with your other half!

Don’t miss Tips or Taps Girls Night Out on July 31, 2010. Visit our facebook page to get more information: www.facebook.com/tipsortapsatl